Infinity Financial Solutions

About Infinity Financial Solutions 

Infinity Financial Solutions is a leading provider of expat financial services across Asia with offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Cambodia and Vietnam. It is our fundamental belief that financial planning makes life better and we are dedicated to providing exceptional service to both our individual and corporate clients.

The combination of carefully tailored financial planning and a wide range of options is at the heart of what makes Infinity different from other financial advisers. We’re completely independent, so the advice we give is impartial and unbiased.

We’re here to protect, build and maximise your wealth for the future security of you and your family. But most of all, we want to help you achieve your hopes and objectives, whatever they may be. The possibilities are endless.

Proactive, professional management is fundamental to the success of your investment.

Fund management is a highly-specialised task.  Whilst your adviser may well be a financial professional, he will not have the training, qualifications, access to research data, or asset allocation skills demanded of professional fund managers. You wouldn’t put your family into a vehicle driven by someone without a driving license.  So your family’s financial future should be driven by a qualified, regulated, and successful stockbroker or investment manager.

At Infinity, we understand the importance of separating our job as professional financial planners from that of asset manager. Therefore we have an exclusive partnership with London-based investment management company, the Tilney Group. This collaboration was driven by Infinity’s desire to seek out the best investment managers to enable us to provide our clients with comprehensive, consistent, risk-adjusted asset management. 

Through Infinity, Tilney has been providing the Southeast Asia expatriate community with an award-winning professional investment management service since 2012. With their expertise backing us, we’re proud to offer you an effective investment solution to help you secure your future.

About the Tilney Group

Tilney is an award-winning investment company with a heritage of more than 180 years. They are renowned for the quality of their investment research and they operate one of the largest and most experienced teams of research analysts in the industry. In 2018 they earned the prestigious title of Wealth Manager of the Year at the Financial Times awards, which is a powerful indicator of their success.

Tilney’s award-winning investment management services are available in Asia exclusively through Infinity.

About Byung Koo Mulder 

Byung Koo Mulder is een zeer ervaren financieel adviseur voor Infinity in Greater China. Hij woont en werkt in Shanghai, maar reist regelmatig voor zaken naar andere steden in Azië. Doordat expatriates vaak van locatie verplaatsen, heeft Byung Koo Mulder overal klanten, van Los Angeles tot Shanghai, van Londen tot Tokyo. Merendeel van zijn klanten zijn wel gevestigd in Zuidoost Azie. Veel Nederlanders in Azie weten Byung Koo Mulder al te vinden, vaak door referenties.